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Packages and tariffs

10 Gb

450 RUR/month

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30 Gb

800 RUR/month

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50 Gb

1000 RUR/month

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100 Gb

1400 RUR/month

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300 Gb

2500 RUR/month

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To connect

You need:



Passport of Company VAT number


Insert SIM and turn on your device

You can use the whole range of smartphones, routers and modems for using wireless Internet in the office, car, home, etc.


Charge SIM

Refill your SIM card balance. Your phone number is on the SIM card, or you can get your USSD phone number with the command * 201 #


Wait for the SMS to activate the package.

After the charging of the SIM card, an SMS will be sent to write off the subscription fee.


Use with pleasure!

You can use a SIM card in any device without restrictions on the distribution of the Internet as part of the selected package throughout the territory of the Russian Federation except the Crimea.
Coverage map.

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